Scarf Art Newsletter – “Amazing May”

Scarf Art Newsletter – “Amazing May”

Today we honor, reflect and celebrate the sacrifices & service of the United States Military, collectively & individually, that allows Americans innumerable rights, privileges, opportunities and liberties to live our best lives every day. We salute and give thanks to ALL who have and are serving, living and dead. To help you reflect on Memorial Day, we’ve provided “Casualties Per War”, “Most Famous War Heroes” and the “Top 10 Veteran Organizations”.

Two major holidays in the month of May that epitomize great sacrifice, Mother’s Day & Memorial Day. Therefore, we titled this month’s newsletter, “Amazing May”. Although Mother’s Day has passed based on the calendar, we all know Mother’s Day is EVERYDAY! Joyce Meyer is a Spiritual Mother to the masses who delivers the word of God via her program, “Everyday Life” on a daily basis, several times per day! Her words, work, walk and witness has effected millions over the past 40 years via Joyce Meyer Ministries. Therefore, our Honorary Winner for Mother’s Day is Mrs. Joyce Meyer!

It’s also a truly Amazing May for all the graduates on every level to reap the reward of a diploma or degree from their years of sacrifice dedicated to education, etc. CONGRATULATIONS & All The Very Best as you move forward in life academically or in your chosen profession or endeavor(s).

 Last but not least, Red, White and Blue Scarf Art product collages paying homage to the United States Marines, Army, Navy and Air Force.

All Scarf Art red, white and blue pre-tied for YOU is available ONLINE!


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Have a Safe & Happy Memorial Day!

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