Scarf Art Newsletter – “Purple Dreaming January”

Scarf Art Newsletter – “Purple Dreaming January”

As we remember, celebrate and honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. today, we reflect on his most famous speech, “I Have A Dream” delivered at the March on Washington for Jobs & Freedom on August 28, 1963. Thank God, most of what Dr. King dreamt for us, has come to past. However, like most dreams, his vision for the future came to pass with MUCH personal sacrifice, faith, time, courage, money, energy, wisdom, inner strength and organized constructive, productive & concerted efforts. As beneficiaries of the manifestations of his dream, most of us are eternally grateful to

Dr. King.


Recently, I refreshingly heard another Dreamer/Visionary, Oprah Winfrey, affirm this truth on the “Sherri” Show. Oprah passed the “Talk Show” baton onto Sherri Shepherd. During her time with Sherri, she said, “It takes A LOT to bring this to pass”, that being Sherri’s dream of being a National Talk Show Host. As a Dreamer/Doer, Oprah’s words truly ministered to my spirit. I thought, OPRAH knows & acknowledged without hesitation how much & how long it takes to bring a dream to pass, WOOOOOOW! Therefore, we’ve titled this month’s newsletter “Purple Dreaming January” in honor of Dr. King, Oprah and Dreamers.


I’m thankful for bold dreamers like Norman Lear who was one of the pioneers of diversity in the Entertainment Industry, especially television. He took Dr. King’s dream to heart. Mr. Lear’s dream open the doors for those who dreamt of being Actors/Actresses, Writers, Set Designers, etc. Another dreamer, Alice Walker, Author of “The Color Purple” that has been turned into 2 movies and a Broadway Play. Alice Walker’s dream led to Oprah reading the book, loving the book, getting a role in the 1st movie version and producing 2 versions of “The Color Purple”, a Broadway Play & 2nd Movie. Ms. Walker’s dream led to multiple dreams coming true for Agents, Publicist, Writers, Actors/Actresses, Producers, Directors, Stage Managers, etc. I’m thankful for these and other dreamers who executed their dreams into reality for the mutual benefit(s) of self, family & the world and continue to inspire dreamers like me and you.

I don’t know Oprah, but “What I Know For Sure” is Oprah loves purple, the color & “The Color Purple.” Therefore, in honor of Oprah and “The Color Purple” we’ve created Scarf Art products in various shades of purple in multiple designs, check them out ONLINE! In addition, Oprah is the Honorary WINNER of The Scarf Art Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Giveaway. We all know for sure, Oprah is one of the most inspiring celebrities of our lifetime. True to form, this lady is a GIVVVVER! She’s given cars, book deals via her Book Club, thousands upon thousands of scholarships, therapy via “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, endless job opportunities on & off TV and MUCH MORE. Her words, witness & wisdom has certainly blessed my life. It’s always an honor to give back to a GIVER. If you’re an Oprah fan, lets honor her by simply wearing purple on her birthday, January 29th.


In closing, as a beneficiary of the manifestations of his dream, I am eternally grateful to Dr. King.

I’m thankful Dr. King had the faith, wisdom, inner strength, vision & courage to dream BIGGGGGGGGG, not just for himself, but for the world & humanity and paid the ultimate sacrifice to bring it to past. That’s why we remember, honor and celebrate him today,Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.!



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