Scarf Art Newsletter – “Jaw Dropping July”

Scarf Art Newsletter – “Jaw Dropping July”

When you step outside for just a minute in most states, especially Texas, the HEAAAAAT alone is jaw dropping, therefore, this is Jaw Dropping July! Not to mention in just a couple of days we’re celebrating freedom on the 4th of July, full of fun, food and festivities with friends & family. In the event you are still deciding how to spend your 4th, we’ve provided a list of July 4th Events Across America (Search Google if your city is not listed). As well, checkout the “Fun4thFacts”! For instance, did you know there were only about 2.5 million people living in the United States in 1776? The Liberty Bell hasn’t been rung since 1846 & there have been 27 different versions of the U.S. flag?

Check it out below, there’s MUCH MORE…


Ladies, do you recall when the only fashionable options for the 4th of July was mixing a combination of red, white and blue tanks & shorts, etc.? Today ladies, YOU’VE GOT OPTIONS! Checkout the limitless options of Scarf Art Red, White and Blue Pre-tied for YOU! Keep in mind, we create custom and group orders, therefore, your Scarf Art options are always limitless. In addition, we’ve provided a number of Scarf Art Outfit Collages to jog your imagination whether your attending a formal event, pool party, parade or barbeque this July 4th, we’ve got you covered ladies with functionable fashion.

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Last, whether you are grilling or chilling for the 4th, remember freedom is never free, millions paid the ultimate price for us to Celebrate Freedom,



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Have a Safe & Happy July 4th!

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