Scarf Art Newsletter – “Joyful June”

Scarf Art Newsletter – “Joyful June”

June is a joyful month which kicks off the Celebration of Freedom with Juneteenth, countless weddings and Father’s Day! We’ve provided a list of Juneteenth Celebrations across America, everything from concerts, parades, cookouts and more, check it out… As we prepare to celebrate Juneteenth, there’s a lot we know and a lot we don’t know about the horrific history of slavery. Therefore, we’ve provided information about the individual and collective events & efforts that, THANK GOD, ended slavery in the United States. Check out “Did You KNOW?”


June is also a very popular month for weddings, more couples are married in June than any other month. If you’ve attended a wedding recently, it’s apparent that weddings have changed…not your or your daughter’ wedding. Most weddings are now performed in a wide variety of venues, locations, timeframes, etc. To get you updated on what’s up with weddings these days, we’ve provided 10 Modern Wedding Trends that couples are choosing in 2023.


Last, but not least, we’ve got you covered with a wide variety of Scarf Art products in Kente’ & Much More for Juneteenth! Check out all of the Scarf Art selections ONLINE!


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Have a Safe & Happy Father’s Day & Juneteenth!

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