Scarf Art Newsletter – “Motherly May”

Scarf Art Newsletter – “Motherly May”

I find it not strange that Mother’s Day falls directly after Easter, for most of us our Mothers are second ONLY to God… In addition, Mother’s Day falls in the 5th month, the number “5” is the number of grace, besides God, in most instances only a Mother will show promiscuous grace in all circumstances of life. For these reasons, May is Motherly! Motherhood is so very vast, therefore, we’ve focused on the beginning stage of Motherhood, is it a boy or girl? There’s picking the perfect name, baby showers, gender reveals, etc. Therefore, we’ve provided the 10 Top Names for boys & girls for 2023. As well, checkout 10 Baby Shower Games to consider when planning a baby shower or gender reveal party. Although “Gender Reveal” celebrations are fairly new, associating pink for a girl and blue for a boy has never changed. Therefore, this month we’re celebrating Mother’s Day with the traditional colors associated with bringing a new life into the world, pink and blue. As well, pink or blue determines if you are a “Girl Mom” or a “Boy Mom” or both! Checkout the Scarf Art Pink & Blue Detachable Ruffle Collar, Neckerchiefs, Nautical Squares and much more ONLINE for 25% OFF thru May 15th!

Also, in honor of Mother’s Day, we’re giving away pink & blue Scarf Art products. Stay tuned, if you are a Scarf Art customer, you could be a WINNER! If you are having a hard time deciding what to get your Mother, checkout the Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts.


Have a Safe & Happy Mother’s Day!

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