Scarf Art Newsletter – “Graceful April”

Scarf Art Newsletter – “Graceful April”

As we prepare to celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ this weekend, the one word that comes to mind is “grace“. Grace is the “undeserved favor” of God. Therefore, we’ve titled this month’s newsletter “Graceful April”. As you watch the news on a daily basis and life in general, there’s a perpetual thought, “But for the grace of God, there goes I, us…right? With that in mind, it brings us to having a grateful spirit whether we are abased or abound. We all have a list that could go on for days, but we’ve listed the TOP 5 Reasons to Be Grateful. Great exercise during Holy Week is to take sometime this week and see exactly how long your list is….hmm?


As a kid, I remember the joy of coloring eggs at Easter. Easter Egg Hunts are always challenging, but fun and rewarding! Therefore, we’ve provided a list of Easter Egg Hunts in multiple cities. Another great Easter Treat is our “Buy 2 Get One FREE” ONLINE Sale going on thru Easter. Checkout all the beautiful, bright and bold Spring colors demonstrated in the Scarf Art Outfit Collages below.


This is Holy Week, time for both individual introspection and intentional connections to reflect, share, give, forgive, focus, honor and celebrate the Goodness of God individually & collectively. In our flawed humanity, workout our own salvation with fear and trembling to the pattern of Jesus Christ.


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Have a Safe & Happy Easter!

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