Scarf Art Newsletter – “Navigating November”

Scarf Art Newsletter – “Navigating November”

As we go to the polls today to VOTE, we can mark off one of multiple activities/responsibilities to navigate in November. As we know, EVERY VOTE COUNTS and it goes without saying, Your VOTE is Your VOICE! If you did not VOTE early, please make time to VOTE today. The polls open early and stay open late for your convenience, 7AM – 7PM. Since we’re in the state of Texas, we’ve provided Election Day information below for your convenience.

In navigating November, this week alone we’ll celebrate Veteran’s Day & the nationwide release of the 2nd Edition of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” on November 11th. In the spirit of fashion, we are acknowledging Ruth Carter, Costume Designer for the “Black Panther” & the First African American Costume Designer to win an Academy Award for Costume Design.

As well all know, the prime focus of November is Thanksgiving! Of course, most everyone’s navigating time-off, travel arrangements and menus for Thanksgiving to spend time with friends & family. Excellent opportunity to regroup and reflect on all the people, places and things for which we are thankful & grateful.

Last, we’ve provided our Red, White and Blue Scarf Art Collection for your patriotic activities this month and beyond. Check out all the Scarf Art Red, White and Blue Pre-tied for You, ONLINE Ladies! Remember…


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Your VOTE is Your VOICE!

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