Scarf Art Newsletter – Optimistic October

Scarf Art Newsletter – Optimistic October

When you realize the millions of women & men who have survived Breast Cancer and all the impactful organizations and causes that were created as a result of millions of women and men being affected by Breast Cancer, October epitomizes Optimism in every form and fashion. Therefore, we are inviting Breast Cancer Patients, Survivors and Caregivers to participate in our Breast Cancer Awareness Month Giveaway by sharing their stories with us to inform, inspire, empower and encourage others who have been affected by Breast Cancer. If your journey is selected, you will receive a complimentary Pink Scarf Art product in the month of October. Information on how to participate in our Breast Cancer Awareness Month Give-A-way is provided below. As well, we’ve provided a Breast Cancer 411 to share a little history about how Breast Cancer Awareness Month started, why pink was chosen for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, when to wear pink, best foods to fight Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer websites, etc. The dates for Breast Cancer Walks in major cities is also provided below. We’re hopeful this information will be helpful to you or a loved one fighting Breast Cancer!
We love the color PINK, it adds a POP and a PERK to any outfit. There is a perfect shade of pink for every woman to look soooooooooo pretty in pink! Therefore, we’ve provided you with a variety of Scarf Art Designs in pink. Checkout the multiple shades of pink available ONLINE with an additional 20% Off thru October 31st. In addition, for every ONLINE purchase over $100, you will receive a FREE Scarf Art Breast Cancer Awareness Scarf!
If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, we are hopeful that you will take full advantage of the vast amount of Breast Cancer information & resources available to Patients & Caregivers today. Throughout this month, our intent is to continue to gather and share Breast Cancer information and experiences that will uplift, encourage, empower, inform and inspire anyone who has been affected by Breast Cancer. We believe “Knowledge is Power and Shared Knowledge EMPOWERS!”

Let YOUR FAITH be BIGGER than Your Fear!

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