Scarf Art Newsletter – AMAZING APRIL!

Scarf Art Newsletter – AMAZING APRIL!



The First Easter following a Worldwide Pandemic is definitely an Easter to Remember! Easter is The Celebration of the MIRACULOUS Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. First, knowing that 553,138 Americans died during this pandemic, to live and see the other side is MIRACULOUS! Coming out of a worldwide “shelter in place” and having experienced the death of a or multiple loved one(s), loss of mental or physical health, a job, a sense of normalcy, a business, a dream, a house….by the grace of God we’re all being personally resurrected to a new sense of normalcy. Whether for good or bad, things will never be the same after this once in a lifetime worldwide, Pandemic experience. By the grace of God, hopefully most of us will intently come out of the Pandemic with renewed faith, hope, love, passion, purpose, respect and value for life. It’s AMAZING to come thru all the effects and after effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic with a right heart & mind, THANK GOD!

Right on time for Easter a Lifetime movie about Gospel Icon, Mahalia Jackson! Check it out on Saturday, April 3rd @7PM/CST or 8PM/EST on Lifetime. We are getting closer everyday with every vaccination. However, to protect ourselves and others, we must continue to wear our masks! Spring has sprung ladies, so checkout al the Scarf Art White Pre-tied and Untied designs for Easter, Spring and Summer ONLINE!

Custom and Group Orders available for individuals, corporations, churches, professional & social organizations. VOLUME DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE for Group Orders. Give us a call Toll Free (888) 453-8229!

Have a Safe & Happy Easter!


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