It’s All About Pink with a Purpose – The
Scarf Art Large Nautical Square

It’s All About Pink with a Purpose – The Scarf Art Large Nautical Square

This week we are featuring The Scarf Art Large Nautical Square for women with a creative, yet conservative style.  We’ve coupled the reserved style of this design with a POP of hot pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  This designs also comes in a variety of pink shades, which includes a lighter shade of pink which signifies the “official color” designated for this month.  However, every woman loves options when it comes to fashion, therefore, we’ve  provided multiple shades of pink  ONLINE!   As featured below, The Scarf Art Large Nautical Square is loosely worn, also functions as a neck warmer and covers neck scars.  It also provides great cleavage coverage for your outfits with low fronts or tend to pop open.   The Scarf Art Large Nautical Square can be worn with dresses, suits, cardigans, blouses, etc.   Great for work, church and social event.  As well, a POP of hot pink goes a long way, looks great when coupled with orange, black, purple, green and many other colors…   
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, your shade of pink is just a click away for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and beyond!


 Scarf Art,  Simplified Sophistication & Easy Elegance “Pre-tied for you, just button and go!”  
  Just a few benefits of Scarf Art Pre-tied Scarves:
Very, Very User Friendly
Pre-tied, just button and go
Saves  You Time
Saves You  Money
Increases your outfit options
Image Enhancer
 Ladies, your secret is safe with us,  if you don’t tell them you didn’t tie it, THEY WILL NEVER KNOW!  Order Online,
WWW.SCARF-ART.COM or Call Us Toll Free, (888) 453-8229!   
Group and Custom Orders available for individuals, professional & social organizations, corporations, etc
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