Scarf Art Newsletter – GENUINE June!

The Scarf Art Newsletter – GENUINE June!

When I look back over the MAJOR events that have occured in the first 6 months of 2020, the first words that came to my mind were GENUINE June!
 These are the types of shattering events that make you take a deeeeeeeeeep, reflective pause and come to grips with the harsh realities of life……sickness, death, unemployment, major economic downtowns, police brutality and systemic racism.   You can’t get more realistic or genuine than that, MY GOD, WHEEEEEEEEW!   The beyond tragic death of Mr. George Floyd rightfully gained the attention of THE WORLD and shined a light on the evils of  police brutality & systemic racism in the United States.   The reality is we are presently in multiple battles against police brutality, systemic racism, the downturn in the economy, unemployment, sickness and death.  To date, the CoronaVirus has taken the lives of 112,269 people in the United States.   I continue and more than likely will always wonder, “How many lives could have been saved if mask were required from the beginning?”   That’s why, WE MUST WEAR MASK DAILY, protect yourself and others!    On the flip side of all this heaviness,  we are looking forward to celebrating Juneteenth, the emancipation of slaves in Texas which is celebrated on June 19th.  I’m very glad to see and know, the GOODNESS of human kind has & will ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLWAYS outweigh all evil(s) of any kind, it’s EVIDENT by history.  What I KNOW for sure, GOD is PROGRESSIVE, HE ALWAYS MOVES FORWARD!    Finally, take a minute to checkout our Two-Toned Fishtail Chic Neckerchiefs Online, WWW.SCARF-ART.COM!   CLICK HERE FOR MORE,
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