Scarf Art Newsletter – Mask Wearing May!

The Scarf Art Newsletter – Mask Wearing May!

Three months ago when I saw the people in China wearing masks on the news, I thought it was soooooooo very strange to see everyday people wearing masks.  Today, we are those people, one of many manifestations of how things can change on a dime.  The realization that the CoronaVirus was headed our way and the effects of it didn’t REALLY hit home for me until mid-March.  My husband and I have led the Homeless Ministry at our church for the past 12 years.  We had to make the decision to serve or not to serve in March.  In the best interest of all parties involved, we made the wise decision not to serve.  As a couple, we can count on one hand how many times we’ve missed serving on a monthly basis. Sadly, since there is not a vaccine for the CoronaVirus, we are not sure when service will resume.   Unfortunately, as the number of cases & deaths increase minute by minute across our country,  we are reminded hourly of why we must wear mask daily.  I believe it has become mandatory in most cities?  Therefore, for Mother’s Day, we will include Complimentary Matching Mask for all products $25.00 & up!  A fashionable and functional gift for all the Mothers in your life.   As well, who knew a fellow scarf lover, Dr. Deborah Birx would put a spotlight on scarves during the daily CoronaVirus Press Briefings, THANK YOU Dr. Birx!  Speaking of “Thank You”, I’m grateful for all the Front Line Workers who are really holding it down and keeping us going in this moment, Grocery Store Staff, Post Office Staff, Truck Drivers, Healthcare Workers and the list goes on.   Things are strange, but it would be a lot stranger if not for the people who put their lives on the line daily for the masses.   I’m hopeful the masses will join me on Saturday, May 2nd for our next FacebookLIVE Event “A Matching Mask for Mother” (Compliments of Scarf Art Pre-tied Scarves) at 5:00PM/CST, Facebook/ScarfArtPretiedScarves.   Stay Safe, Stay Home as much as possible, wash your hands and WEAR YOUR MASK!    


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