Optimistic October

Optimistic October

The cool breeze signifying a break in the ongoing 100 Degree temperature and all the GOOOOOOOOOOOORGEOUS SHADES OF PINK ushers in a very Optimistic October! If you are a Breast Cancer Survivor you understand how it feels to be initially diagnosed with Breast Cancer or any type of cancer and “The Blessing” of living to the see the other side of  LIFFFFFFFFFE.
 NO ONE UNDERSTANDS what it means to be optimistic quite like YOU! Therefore, we are intently rejoicing with those who are rejoicing by donating a Scarf Art Large Nautical Square in Pink to multiple Breast Cancer Events this month.  Simply email us, CUSTOMERSERVICE@SCARF-ART.COM, all the details about your event and we will ship you a Scarf Art Large Nautical Square in Pink as a giveaway for your upcoming event.


 In addition, if you’re looking for a POP of Pink for your upcoming Breast Cancer Awareness Celebration(s), join us on Friday, October 11th@ 12PM for our next FacebookLIVE Event, “The Power of Pink” to peruse our collection of Scarf Art pink products, NOTHING BUT PINK LADIES!  Great gift for a Breast Cancer Patient, Survivor or Caregiver, food for thoughtfulness.


Life is “THE GIFT”
Live While You’re Living

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