“GOING THE EXTRA MILE” Customer Testimonial – Tina Marie Jones Green

“GOING THE EXTRA MILE” Customer Testimonial – Tina Marie Jones Green

We were perplexed by customer, Tina Marie Jones Green’s experience with our products and very appreciative of her level of maturity & trustworthiness.  Tina order 5 products on May 9, 2019 her ordered was processed and shipped by May 17, 2019.  We received a call from Tina in late July informing us that she had not received her order.  Of course, we were beyond SHOOOOOOOOOOOCKED!  This was 3 months after she’d placed the order, our standard is to process orders within 7-10 Business days with the exception of large orders.    Of course, we went into Ninja Search Mode to locate Tina’s Tracking information and provided her with the date the order was delivered. And of course, we did!    However, because of Tina’s  level of trustworthiness in Scarf Art, patience and level of maturity in the manner (although we fufilled our obligation as a company) we made the decision to re-fill her order.    As a result, we were elated to recieve the following testimonial about her first Scarf Art purchase…………


“I am Tina Marie, an excited and new customer of Scarf Art.  I was and still am impressed with the remarkable, outstanding, going the extra mile to ensure a satisfied customer.  I ordered and paid for 5 items from Scarf Art with much excitement after being referred by a sorority sister.   However, I noticed over a month that I had not received the items.  I assumed the items were coming from China and that was the reason fo the delay.


I checked my accunt and located a phone number.  Upon calling this number and leaving a message, I received a call back from the Owner, Jacci.  I explained the situation and she very professionally told me that she will pull my order and determined what had occurred.  She advised me that my order wouldn’t have taken that long and those orders made months ago were all filled.  Again, I explained that I never receive the order.


As agreed, she called me back and forwarded a copy showing that the order was received at my Post Office.  Also, she stated that they had not encountered a situation like this before.  I was perplexed that someone had stolen the items at the Post Office or from our common area mailbox.


Again, Jacci and I handled each other very professionally and she thanked me numerous time for purchasing the Scarf Arts and apologized for this unfortunate matter.  I was so pleased and very happy when she advised me that she would be replacing my order and would ensure that it is delivered to me in a day or two.  Exactly that happened, I received my beautiful, classy, custom and one of a kind SCARF ARTS and this DIVA is camera ready.  Thanks to Ms. Jacci and her team!”


THANKS A MILLION Tina Marie Jones Green for taking the time out to recount, share and post a review of your positive Scarf Art experience on Facebook, it was our pleasure to “GO THE EXTRA MILE!”




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