It’s a Jaunty July @
Scarf Art!

It’s a Jaunty July @ Scarf Art!

July is a jaunty month, sooooooo many things to be cheerful about, celebrating our independence with food, fun & festivities, half the year is over…..WHEW and of course the day off to chill and relax.  We encourage you to exercise YOUR freedom this month by joining our network of Scarf Art Independent, Authorized Sales Ambassadors.   We are thankful and grateful for the Scarf Art Sales Ambassadors for contributing to the success of Scarf Art, LLC.   Join us in congratulating one of our longtime Sales Ambassadors, Robin K. Butler!   As well, we have some tips on launching a successful Scarf Art Soiree in the event you decide to join our Network of Scarf Art Sales Ambassadors this Independence Day.  As always, our “One Stop Patriotic Shop” is open 24/7 for your convenience.  Check this out,

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