Scarf Art INFLUENCER – Gail Page, Houston, TX

Scarf Art INFLUENCER – Gail Page, Houston, TX

We are honored and excited to have our first Scarf Art INFLUENCER,  Gail Page of Houston, Texas!  Here’s what she has to say about the Scarf Art Large Nautical Square Design:


“Simple, Classy and Eloquent were a few of the compliments I received today when I wore this Nautical Square scarf from Scarf Art. This scarf really made a statement today and stood out among several ladies who were asked to wear black with your favorite accessory. Several ladies asked if I would show them how to tie this scarf. I chuckled and had to reveal my secret. I loved the simplicity of wearing this scarf and I’ve already paired it with other pieces in my closet to wear to my upcoming conference. I’m thinking of adding a rhinestone pin on the bow to bling it a bit. The color is a true vibrant red. AWESOME ACCENT PIECE.”

Mrs. Gail Page

First Lady – Metropolitian CME Church

Houston, Texas



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