MONUMENTAL MARCH – Celebrating Women’s History Month, PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE!

MONUMENTAL MARCH – Celebrating Women’s History Month, PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE!

It’s Women’s History Month, from Mothers to Moguls we are celebrating the marvelous accomplishments of women, PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE!   It’s beyond an inspiration to live at a time in history to witness a woman like Oprah,  perpetually using her platform(s) to “Root for the Rise” of women.  It’s amazing & exciting to see a 14 year old make history as THE YOUNGEST EXECUTIVE PRODUCER IN HOLLYWOOD HISTORY, WOW!  Looking forward to her new movie, “Little in theaters on April 12th.  Looking to control your healthcare costs?  Heidi Rasmussen’ company is just what the doctor ordered!  If you’re looking to improve your overall health, Angela Guerrero of Arbonne International has the tools to help achieve your healthcare goals.  If you’ve not tried Scarf Art Products, checkout the women who’ve joined The Scarf Art Network of Sales Ambassadors, we’ve provided their contact information for you to “try & buy” our products in your city.   Finally, checkout our “Never Go Wrong With Navy” Collection for “10 Seconds to Fabulous”to add a POP to your work, church and casual outfits!   We are overjoyed and excited to “Root for the Rise” of women by celebrating Women’s History Month PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE this year and beyond!


I recently attended a Mini Women’s Conference on Leadership Styles.  My biggest take away from this event was a YOUTUBE video in which Author, Brene’ Brown interviewed  Oprah.  What stuck with me most was a phrase Oprah used, “Rooting for Your Rise.”   I LOOOOOOOOOVE how she phrased it. For me, she summed up what it means to be a positive, kind, encouraging, upbeat, caring and supportive woman, all of which she has manifested for decades.   I can’t think of another woman in my lifetime who has perpetually used her God-Given platform(s) to empower multiple women & girls for four (4) decades.  Iyanla, Ava, Brene, Ms. Robbie of Sweet Pie’s and Kym Whitley just to name a few.  I’m positive there are COUNTLESS others Oprah has empowered that  I’ve never heard of and never will.  What I know for sure is that I’ve been blessed by her consistent witness since I first became aware of her on “The Oprah Winfrey” Show.   Her witness of “Rooting for The Rise” of women is evident between the covers of “O Magazine”  and the rolling credits of “Greenleaf“, “QueenSugar“, “Iyanla Fix My Life, “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s” , “The Color Purple” on Broadway just to mention a FEW.  God only knows the  COUNTLESS women Executive Producers, Writers, Editors she has empowered.


Rooting for Your Rise” resonated with my spirit because I feel the exact same way when I find a liked-minded & like- spirited woman.  Hence, our intent to celebrate & support women we know and know from afar to “Root for Their Rise” during Women’s History Month and far beyond March 2019!


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