WELCOME! Chrisella Parrish of Indianapolis –
Scarf Art Independent Sales Ambassador

WELCOME! Chrisella Parrish of Indianapolis – Scarf Art Independent Sales Ambassador

We are honored and excited to WELCOME, Chris Parrish of Indianapolis, IN as a Scarf Art Authorized, Independent Sales Ambassador!   I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Chris several years ago while participating as a vendor at a Church Women’s Conference in Plano, Texas where Chris was a member.   Chris is very professional, mature, organized, meticulous, personable and a creative Fashionista.  I became aware of Chris’ creative edge durng the last Women’s Conference for which Chris was the Event Coordinator/Decorator.   Chris decorated the large space perfectly in a Kate Spade motif, her creativity was evident and I knew then she would make an EXCELLENT Scarf Art Authorized, Independent Sales Ambassador.  So very happy she’s decided to join and share Scarf Art with the women of Indianapolis, IN!  In her own words, here’s why Chris decided to join The Scarf Art Network……


“My discovery of Scarf Art is when I met the lovely Jacci several years ago in Plano, Texas when she was a vendor at a Testimonial Tea at the church I attended.  I instantly fell in love with Scarf Art, as I like to wear scarves to accessorize my outfits, but didn’t really know how to tie my scarves, so I never invested much into buying scarves.  But, once I saw how Jacci made it so simple to wear a scarf by just buttoning it, my love for wearing scarves was enhanced greatly.  Because I now love wearing scarves to “pop” an outfit and the fact that Scarf Art has different styles that feature various artistic influences and graceful patterns is the reason I wanted to become a Scarf Art Sales Ambassador.  In addition, I want to show other women in my community how simple and easy it is to wear a scarf,  earn extra income and explore the opportunity to meet other women by being a vendor at various events to market Scarf Art products.”


Chris is well equipped to service the women of Indianapolis, IN with Scarf Art products, if you live in the area and would like to contact Christ directly, please go to our “Contact Us” page for her direct contact information.



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