Scarf Art Products for YOURSELF, Contact a Local
Scarf Art Sales Ambassador!

TRY & BUY Scarf Art Products for YOURSELF, Contact a Local Scarf Art Sales Ambassador!

You’ve visited Scarf Art  from afar……..receiveing emails, checking out our website and scrolling our social media pages, right?  I’m sure you agree, there is nothing like trying a product for YOURSELF!   You will find Scarf Art products are really fashionable, functional, affordable, easy to use and innovative.  Just ask any of the Scarf Art Authorized, Independent Sales Ambassadors.  Most of these ladies were at one time Scarf Art customers, loved the product and decided to become a Sales Ambassador to share Scarf Art with women in their cities and circles of influence.  We carry a variety of designs that fit your lifestyle and fabrics to accommodate your personal taste.  The innovative pre-tied, button and go features will save you time in not having to make several attempts at tying your scarves.   As well, the practicality of our products will allow you to enhance and expand your professional and personal wardrobe options.


If you live in any of the following cities, please contact the Scarf Art Sales Ambassador directly and put us to the test by “Trying & Buying” our products for YOURSELF! (Go To our “Contact Us” for specific contact information):


Augusta, Georgia

Alpharetta, Georgia


Dallas, Texas

Fort Worth, Texas

Memphis, Tennessee

Vine Grove, Kentucky


If your city is not listed, please contact the Sales Ambassador nearest to you.  If  you would like to become a Scarf Art Sales Ambassador,  GO TO the “Opportunities to Sell Scarf Art” page, complete and submit the form and we will follow up with you.


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