WELCOME Robin K. Butler!
Scarf Art Sales Ambassador – DC/Maryland/Virginia

WELCOME Robin K. Butler! Scarf Art Sales Ambassador – DC/Maryland/Virginia

We are so very honored and excited to WELCOME Robin K. Butler, our newest Scarf Art Authorized, Independent Sales Ambassador!  Robin is equipped and ready to share Scarf Art products with the ladies of DC, Maryland and Virginia.   Robin and I met almost two (2) years ago at a  Christian Women’s Conference in Dallas, TX.   Scarf Art was a vendor at the conference and Robin became an instant customer that day!  Robin’s favorite product is the Fishtail Chic Neckerchief, she purchased several colors and she has been wearing them since her initial introduction to Scarf Art.   Robin shared she has worn the Fishtail Chic Neckerchief with t-shirts, suits and dresses.  As a customer Robin truly understands the fashion & fuctionality of  Scarf Art and the benefits the products offer to potential customers.  She’s a TRUE BLUE Fashionista who is very socially-active in a variety of organizations, church activities and work.   Robin maintains a very polished image personally and as a seasoned Human Resources Professional.

Robin recently made the decision to become a Sales Ambassador after attending a meeting and receiving several compliments on her perfectly tied scarf.   Some of the ladies shared their scarf tying challenges with Robin and having a spirit of generosity, she could not longer keep her fashion secret!  Robin ripped off her Pink Scarf Art Fishtail Chic Neckerchief and began to share Scarf Art with the other ladies in the group.    Robin is now equipped and ready to share Scarf Art products with ALL the ladies of DC, Maryland and Virginia!  Contact Robin directly to “TRY & BUY” Scarf Art products if you love scarves or have challenges tying scarves and live in The “DMV”.    CLICK on the “Contact Us” Page to connect directly with Robin!


INTERESTED in becoming a Scarf Art Authorized, Independent Sales Ambassador?  

CLICK on the  “Opportunities to Sell Scarf Art” Page.   Complete and submit the form and we will follow up with you directly

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