Her Secret is Out in DC, Maryland and Virginia!

Her Secret is Out in DC, Maryland and Virginia!

We are honored, elated and excited to have received the following personal testimony from our GORGEOUS East Coast customer, Robin K. Butler, WE APPRECIATE YOU ROBIN, THANKS FOR SHARING!

“I love the versatility of scarves and the addition of flair that they bring as a fashion accessory.  Since being introduced to Scarf Art, I have received many compliments and I have had the opportunity to share with other women.  Recently, I was inducted into a service organization and during a meeting, one of the members approached me about how neat the bow was and shared that she could not tie a bow.  I quickly took off my piece and she was surprised along with several other women in the room.  I gladly shared my secret and how Scarf Art was the ideal solution.  It eliminated the hassle of tying the perfect bow.

One of my new sisters in service immediately ordered the scarf and many expressed interest and were grateful because I shared my fashion secret.  My favorite scarf is the Fishtail Chic Neckerchief; I have worn it with a t-shirt, dress and a suit.  Scarves are a timeless accessory and I am happy to share how Scarf Art helped to revolutionize my wardrobe.”

Robin K. Butler, Scarf Art Customer, DC/Maryland/Virginia

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