Are You a Selfie Queen? Enter To Win “The
Scarf Art Selfie Queen Contest” TODAY!

Are You a Selfie Queen? Enter To Win “The Scarf Art Selfie Queen Contest” TODAY!

ATTENTION:  Scarf or Scarf Art product NOT REQUIRED TO ENTER CONTEST, just a Selfie or Self Portrait of YOU ALONE!


If you or someone you know is a Selfie Queen, we have the PERFECT opportunity for you or them to benefit from your selfie skills.   From now thru July 20th, you can enter “The Scarf Art Selfie Queen Contest” on our Facebook/ScarfArtPretiedScarves Page.  Ladies, Women, Girls…..take a day to GLAM YOURSELF UP, take your best shots and enter the contest by submitting 1-5 Selfies to CUSTOMERSERVICE@SCARF-ART.COM TODAY!  Once your selfie is posted on our company Facebook/ScarfArtPretiedScarves page, round up your family, friends, co-workers, church members, social media friends/followers and your personal email distribution list, direct them to our company Facebook/ScarfArtPretiedScarves page  and tell them to VOTE for you by simply clicking “LIKE” on your post.  ONLY the “LIKES” for your post on our Facebook/ScarfArtPretiedScarves page will be counted towards “The Scarf Art Selfie Queen Contest.”    All contestants must be 18 years or older and you can only submit your photos/selfies.   Each contestant will have one post which will include all selfies submitted for the contest.  Scarf Art customers are strongly encouraged to submit selfies wearing Scarf Art products.



The Winner will have 2 prize options from which to select, Option 1 – The Winner will have the opportunity to select one Scarf Art Product from our website, WWW.SCARF-ART.COM, per month from August thru December 2017.  Option 2, The Winner will receive a Scarf Art Deluxe Starter Kit, great for women who have interest in becoming a Scarf Art Authorized, Independent Sales Ambassador.  Scarf Art Sales Ambassadors are women with an entrepreneurial spirit who are looking to use their fashion sense, creativity, marketing, organizational and sales skills to help women  enhance their personal and professional image.



All contestants must be 18 years or older to enter the contest.



Each contestants can enter from 1-5 Selfies, all your Selfies will be include in ONE Facebook post.



Each contestant will have ONE FACEBOOK POST.



ONLY “Likes” on the Facebook/ScarfArtPretiedScarves page will be counted to determine the “Winner” of the contest.



You can ONLY submit selfies of yourself with ONLY YOU IN THE PHOTO, NO GROUP OR COUPLE SHOTS are permitted.



By submitting your photos/selfies via our email,, you are officially entering “The Scarf Art Selfie Queen Contest” and permitting Scarf Art to post your photos/selfies on our company Facebook/ScarfArtPretiedScarves page.   As well, you are agreeing to abide by the contest rules when you make your submission.






WHAT TO SUBMIT – When you submit your photos/selfies, please include your name, city and contact information, limit 5 Selfies per entry.  Only your first name and city will be posted on Facebook.  In the event you win the contest, we will use your contact information to notify you.



“The Scarf Art Selfie Queen Contest” Period ends on July 20th at midnight.  The Winner will be announced on Monday, July 24th via all social media platforms, website blog and email.





Ladies, Women, Girls (18+), SHOOT YOUR BEST SHOT & enter “The Scarf Art Selfie Queen Contest” TODAY to increase your chances of winning, simply email your selfies to CUSTOMERSERVICE@SCARF-ART.COM!




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