Happy New Year Ladies, Welcome to 2017!  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there is something so very refreshing about a new year.  Not sure if it’s leaving the old behind, cementing and celebrating the successes of 2016,  stepping into the newness of time/life, starting with a fresh canvas of time & opportunities, creating a new “TO DO” list for  life,  optimistically looking forward to ALL the new great opportunities & experiences this year will bring or all of the above.     I’m sure it’s ALL OF THE ABOVE, they all encompass some element of  MOVING FORWARD!


I do know FOR SURE,  Time is a Gift from God, not to be devalued or wasted.    It is FREE, but one of our most valuable assets, we must use it wisely.  Not sure if you’ve already compiled your “TO DO” List for 2017?  January is a great time to reflect, regroup, renew by creating your list and focusing on your goals, short and longterm.   Exercise the “POWER OF NO” to any person, place, purpose or thing that distracts from your goals.  Whether your goal is dropping 50 lbs, cleaning & purging every closet in your house by December,  changing jobs or careers,  starting a business, etc., IN ORDER TO FINISH, YOU MUST START!


Again, Welcome to 2017 Ladies, an invitation to ALL new great opportunities & experiences!   Wishing everyone who reads this post, THE BEST  in 2017 and beyond.



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