Scarf Art Pretied Scarves! TV Debut on “GOOD MORNING TEXAS”

WIN/WIN for Scarf Art Pretied Scarves! TV Debut on “GOOD MORNING TEXAS”


The New Product Contest is over……WHEW!   The Toaster Buddy inventor(s) received the majority of votes, CONGRATULATIONS!  Sincerely, we LOUDLY & PROUDLY applaud any & everyone who steps out on faith to follow their dreams.  Please let us know when your product is up, YOU’VE GOT OUR VOTE! We encourage you to continue to vote for present and future  inventors/entrepreneurs in the QVCSprouts New Product Contest.   What an EXCELLENT opportunity QVC offers to inventors/entrepreneurs!  Thanks a million to everyone who voted, wanted or intended to vote for Scarf Art.

We must say, the overall experience &  opportunity was a WIN/WIN for Scarf Art!   As a result of being a contender in the QVCSprouts New Product Contest, we were honored to receive an invitation to share Scarf Art  products and the results of the QVCSprouts contest on a statewide televised program, “GOOD MORNING TEXAS.” For those of you who missed the taping, click here to check it out,

As well, Scarf Art was the FIRST RUNNER up in the QVCSprouts Contest, thank you again, we understand the voting was very close.   As a result of your votes and wonderful comments on the products, QVCSprouts decided Scarf Art would be a great addition to the web site.


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