Scarf Art Red & White Collection in 5 Designs

Scarf Art Red & White Collection in 5 Designs

Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s, Patriotic Holidays, red & white are pretty much staple colors for any woman’s wardrobe.  To accomodate the average women’s wardrobe we’ve created a collection of Red & White pretied, button and go scarves in a Polka Dot and Paisley print.   The following Scarf Art designs are available in Red & White:

  • Chic Neckerchief
  • Large Nautical Square
  • Small Neckerchief
  • Small Nautical Square
  • V-Square

As are the majority of our designs, this collection is great for your work, church and social wardrobe.   Since our designs eliminate the challenges of scarf tying, they take 15 seconds or less to put on.    These designs work well with Oxford shirts, suits and crewneck tops, blouses, jackets & dresses.   If you belong to a social or professional group we can customize an order for your group for a discounted rate.   Checkout the Scarf Art Red & White Collection on Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest.    Order directly@WWW.SCARF-ART.COM or contact us regarding group orders at today!    REMEMBER TO LIKE US ON FACEBOOK/ScarfArtPretiedScarves

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